A new community

Giving a passing nod to accountant Fred Lutkin, fish and oyster merchant Alf Clayton stops for a quick chat with Mr Cutting the boxmaker before continuing his daily graft.

It is 1923 and Henderson Street, located in the Kasbah, is a hive of activity; a busy neighbourhood filled with retail outlets, smokehouses, warehouses, sail makers and more.

Today, entrepreneurs, creative minds and their customers have the unique opportunity to walk in the footsteps of our forebears to visit a shop, wave to a neighbour, and to play a part in remaking the Kasbah into a bustling, productive, 21st century community.

Old photo of the Kasbah
Old photo of Grimsby docks

The Kasbah looking north in 1937. © Historic England Archive

A town within a town

As it developed in the 1870s, this ‘town within a town’ grew up to serve the booming fishing port, and is described by Historic England as the most important representation of industrial scale fishing in the UK.

Not just craftsmen and merchants connected to the fishing industry, but banks, a post office, even a butcher’s shop were a part of the streetscape. Individual plots were squeezed in between the all-important railway lines, resulting in often odd-shaped buildings in a variety of architectural styles, sometimes with narrow alley ways between them. Hence a part of the historic dock was dubbed ‘The Kasbah’ and the name stuck.

Follow historian Emma Lingard as she walks the streets with Ted Stanley of the Heritage Channel here.

Bright future

In October 2017, the Kasbah was designated a conservation area and soon thereafter included in the 2018-2023 Greater Grimsby Heritage Action Zone bringing hope, protection, and funding opportunities to this historic site.

A number of renovation projects, involving up to 20 buildings, are currently in progress.  For more information visit: https://www.creativestartcic.org/the-great-escape     https://www.ggift.co.uk/inspirational-projects/          https://www.investnel.co.uk/kasbah     https://www.we1groupheritage.co.uk/heritage-services

As plans become reality, this is your chance to be a part of the ever-evolving story of the Kasbah, taking your ideas to new levels at one of the coolest addresses in town!

Kasbah building exterior
Kasbah building exterior
Meeting in office

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