Inspiring spaces

Largely preserved in its original form, the Kasbah area with its quirky buildings and quayside setting is the perfect place for a diverse range of businesses, but it has a particular appeal to the creative community.

Historic structures with open brick and industrial fittings remain a much sought after look for on-trend offices and enterprise spaces, as reflected in regenerated areas such as London’s King’s Cross, or the Hat District in Luton. These types of buildings often attract media, arts and artisan crafts businesses, drawn by the history of an area and the unpolished, raw effect which adds to the ambience.

Kasbah exterior building
Glass blower workshop

Why the Kasbah?

Grimsby Docks is a non-residential area which is ideal for commercial and light industrial enterprises. In a sector where highly refined workspaces and studios are not essential, the Kasbah can offer edgy interiors to rival any big city space at a fraction of the price.

The area also continues to attract the attention of the film and television industry having seen parts of Atonement, This Is England and, in 2021, a motorbike helmet advertising campaign shot within Grimsby Dock’s historic streets which you can view by clicking the link below.

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Who could make
their base here?

In recent years, the Kasbah’s Auckland Road was home to a recording studio, and many a budding musician has unleashed their creativity in this historic part of town, so if it is a music-friendly workplace you are seeking, this is the place to be.

Currently established in Auckland Road is inspirational support organisation Creative Start whose amazing murals can be seen around Grimsby and Cleethorpes.

International “interdisciplinary social” artist Annabel McCourt, known locally for her installation “Murmuration” in St. James Square, has also made her base on Auckland Road, and next door – above Coffee on the Docks – Dale Mackie works as ABP’s Artist in Residence.  In the same building are studios, creative pods and communal facilities managed by WE1 Group Heritage, perfect for emerging designers, makers and other creatives.

On Wharncliffe Road recent occupants include Grimbarians, Simon Card Jewellery, and Turntable Gallery.  Should you need more space, as a sculptor, a potter, a painter, a joiner or a blacksmith, there are suitable properties you can adapt to your needs.  Contact haz@nelincs.gov.uk for help getting started.

Creative Start logo
Creative Start interior

Creative Business Development

If you conduct your business anywhere in North East Lincolnshire up to March 2023, you could benefit from creative industries mentoring and business advice from Grimsby’s Cultural Development Fund Programme, Grimsby Creates. This also includes career pathway support for local graduates.

Creative workshop
Office and laptop
Artist in workshop

Grimsby Creates’ business support delivery partner is CDI Alliance, which works with local expertise and resources to provide sector specific business advice and networking events. You can contact CDI Alliance now at: hello@sparkgrimsby.co.uk

National Portfolio Organisation East Street Arts is also working as a partner in the programme including by defining and developing the local cultural network, CultureWorks, to support the artistic community via one-to-one sessions and mentoring, training sessions, artists talks, go and see visits and accessing wider networks.

In addition, regular opportunities will be provided via professional development grants and training and development. For more information about business development visit the Grimsby Creates website.

For examples of the type of buildings you can rent, including funding and rent relief information visit the property page.