The Kasbah sits on Grimsby’s historic dock peninsula, and is comprised of around 90 buildings of all shapes and sizes, many of which are currently waiting to be chosen by a new tenant who will bring them back to life.

In the meantime, existing tenants carry on their work and welcome visitors and clients as part of their daily business. The security gate at the entrance to the dock estate (requiring photo id), and mobile security patrolling 24 hours a day, give them reassurance that safety measures are in place, and help protect visitors from accident or injury.

Until the transition has been made to relatively full occupancy, public access will remain somewhat limited due to health and safety concerns.

That said, we put on a very successful Heritage Open Day in September 2019, which brought many visitors to the port, who enjoyed guided walks, a smokehouse tour, net braiding workshops, and other delights including delicious food produced on site.

Creative Start open day

The docks are being unwrapped for Heritage Open Days this year on 16th September 2023 – see below for further information.

We fully anticipate that as more businesses and organisations move into the Kasbah, so there will be more public interaction in the form of events small and larger. Keep your eye on this page for updates.

Docks Unwrapped


Creativity at the Port of Grimsby

Join us at the Port of Grimsby from 10am to 4pm on Saturday 16th September to experience the creativity of the Docks, past present and future, at this free Heritage Open Days event.

Find out about the development of the railways and early dock design; visit creative studios, exhibitions and building tours; and be inspired by the the renewables industry.

For further information, please visit: https://HODS2023-Docks-Unwrapped.eventbrite.co.uk

Heritage Open Days Creativity Unwrapped Logo

Grimsby Docks Open Day


Astounding Inventions Down Dock in Grimsby

Over 1000 people joined us on the historic port of Grimsby for Heritage Open Days in 2022 to learn how amazing innovations have propelled us into the future. They took part in guided walks through the historic streets, saw how our unique smoked fish is produced, and tried some “inventive” activities.

2022 Walking Tour, Auckland Road

Heritage Open Days


The joint themes for 2021’s Heritage Open Days were Edible England and Voices of Lincolnshire (untold stories).

Attendees heard all the untold stories (and legends!) of the Kasbah while learning about its vital role in supplying the nation’s favourite dish in our virtual ‘Edible England’ themed event.

See the virtual tour filmed for the event on Clee TV’s Heritage Channel.

Kasbah open day bus tour
Grimsby smoked fish

Smokehouse Tours


Patrick Salmon of Alfred Enderby offers a tour of his smokehouse to small groups of visitors, who learn about the process from beginning to end, and end up sampling the delicious smoked fish Alfred Enderby is rightly famous for.

For more information about these highly entertaining and informative events, contact smoked@alfredenderby.co.uk