& Maintenance

Grimsby is home to the world’s largest offshore wind operations and maintenance centre, a hub for the operations and maintenance of some of the biggest offshore wind farms globally.

The area is also attracting international attention for its pioneering carbon neutral projects. The dramatic rise in renewables locally puts Grimsby Dock’s Kasbah in prime position for the sector and makes it the ideal place for supply chain offices, storage, retail or training, as evidenced by CWind Training’s recent move to Grimsby Docks.

Renewable energy windfarms
Renewable energy Orsted

Big employer

Almost 2,000 Grimsby people are currently employed in the renewables industry and this number is only set to increase as many important projects get under way.

The North Sea area has the perfect climate for wind farms and consequently this is a sector which will continue to see growth and investment in the town during the years to come.

Well established in Grimsby, global players such as Orsted and RWE continue to grow and expand their Hornsea and Sofia offshore wind farms, with the Orsted and Triton Knoll bases actually facing on to Fish Dock Road, the Kasbah’s original high street.

& innovation

Grimsby’s proximity to the North Sea, its meteorological draw and the area’s accessible UK position make it an attractive proposition for research and innovation projects.

ORE Catapult have recently set up in the Grade II listed Dock Offices, one of its goals being the acceleration and growth of offshore renewables across the region in addition to strengthening the supply chain for nearby wind farms.

Renewable energy Catapult
Renewable energy

Carbon neutral

Big business and worldwide governments are taking note of Zero Carbon Humber, a partnership dedicated to the capture of carbon and its storage in permanent aquifers under the North Sea.

Zero Carbon Humber is the first project of its kind, attempting decarbonisation at an industrial scale, and is a pioneer in carbon neutrality.

Also currently making headlines is the Gigastack project, a renewable hydrogen collaboration between Orsted, Phillips 66 Limited, ITM Power and Element Energy.


Provision for workers

Of course, where there is growth and employment there are also hungry staff in need of refreshment. The Kasbah has a history of supplying dock workers with food and drink as they go about their day and there is ample room for people considering opening cafes or snack bars close to the water’s edge.

Without doubt, this is the perfect time to consider the opportunities available for those looking to position their businesses within the Kasbah community.

For examples of the type of buildings you can rent, including funding and rent relief information, visit the property page.

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