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A former smithy, close to the busy dockside, was first converted to a fish curers in 1918. Almost two decades later the business was taken over by a young Alfred Enderby, who had been working at the smokehouse, turning it into one of the most successful businesses of its kind in the UK.

Alfred was succeeded by his sons George and Richard before loyal customer Patrick Salmon took over the reins in 2016, once Richard Enderby retired.

The award-winning business, which can be found in the Kasbah’s Maclure Street, has been at the centre of the smoked fish industry for more than a century. Traditional Grimsby Smoked Fish was awarded Protected Geographical Indication (PGI) status in 2009, something Alfred Enderby staff played a major part in helping to achieve.

Alfred Enderby exterior

Current owner, Mr Salmon, said:

“We are very much looking forward to being at the heart of the project and watching it as it develops. We have been here for many years and will also be going through a degree of renovation shortly, assisted by the grants available for buildings at the Kasbah.”

Of the plans for the area, Mr Salmon continued:

“Once, the Kasbah was thriving; each building was animated and it was all built around the railway tracks. Today, there are pockets of charm and uniqueness and some of the Victorian and Edwardian buildings are rather beautiful.”

Mr Salmon was keen to laud the benefits of being at the Kasbah:

“You’ve got to work somewhere and why not here? This is an opportunity to get something with favourable rents in a unique and historical spot. There were once cafes and successful businesses here and it could indeed exist again.”

Grimsby smoked fish

“We understand people can be intimidated by the security gates but we see it as a plus point. We get lots of visitors to Alfred Enderby to buy fish; if you have a reason to be here, come on in and buy!”

Grimsby dock area remains a working port and there are plans to continue the development of the marina. Mr Salmon said:

“Things will only get better. There is money and support available for businesses wanting to locate to the Kasbah and it needs exploring if you’re interested, at the very least.

“You may well be enchanted!”

For more about Alfred Enderby and how to buy its product, visit www.alfredenderby.co.uk