Michael Wallwork

Interview with Michael Wallwork by Shirley Boothroyd on 21 September 2023.

Click the play button below to hear Michael share his memories of what life was like working on the docks.

“Me brothers took fishing up, I tried it, didn’t like it but I did work as a barrow boy on the dockside there, that was during school holidays and just after I left school. And then just I come on the docks as and when necessary, in between jobs, something like that. And Peterson’s, that came up, one of me friends was working there, any jobs? And he said yeah, come on and I went in Peterson’s doing that, still got the scars on my thumbs and me fingers, from putting the herrings on the racks, the bones are there, it’s not so bad now but it used to be really bad, you can still see some of the scars, never healed because of the salt, so they were still there.”

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