Ivan Jaines-White

Interview with Ivan Jaines-White by Eileen Byrne and Katherine Briggs on 9 November 2023.

Click the play button below to hear Ivan explain how he got involved in smoking fish.

“The building, when it was operational, they’d had two stories. There was the brining area down below using big stone brine troughs, there was a loading bay up one end and stairs up to the first floor, and again similar to the traditional smokehouse construction that you’re aware of in Enderby’s business. There was loading down on the ground floor, and there was unloading on the upper floor, and ideally, you know, each – I would say rod, but not rod these days, tenter of kippers was passed up from down below, and then there’d be somebody stood in the house, straddling the rails on either side, passing it up to the top of the house, and then when it’s cured you’d open the top doors, and you’d pack them on the top floor.”

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