- MEET -

James Trowsdale

North East Lincolnshire Council’s ‘Creative Workspace’ will be a hub for cultural production and is set to include studio, exhibition and shared production facilities. The Kasbah’s regeneration provides a unique opportunity for NELC to convert exisiting buildings into approximately 1,000 square metres of workspace, with plans created by world-renowned architects Donald Insall Associates.

Driving forward NELC’s ‘Open for Culture’ ethos, its Cultural Development Fund will play a part in animating heritage assets such as the Kasbah, subsequently realising the potential of greater Grimsby’s cultural and creative industries.

Creative workspace design

Connected to the Greater Grimsby Town Deal, North East Lincolnshire Council hopes that its Creative Workspace will not only provide much-needed facilities, it will also assist with the improvement of economic growth and local educational attainment.

James Trowsdale, the Strategic Lead for Culture at North East Lincolnshire Council, said:

“The Kasbah is an incredibly exciting project and there is nothing like it in the UK. It has remained untouched for many years and you can sense the history when you are down there.”

Acknowledging the access onto the dock, James continued:

“The perception is that there will be challenges getting onto the Kasbah if you need to visit a business or group but you are allowed in if you have a reason to be there. In general, the security makes it a much safer place to be.”

James is keen to share exciting news about the NELC Kasbah development as it continues into 2021 and we will update this case study as further details become available.

Visit www.grimsbycreates.gov.uk for more information.